Let me introduce myself.

As a Creative Producer, I lead and execute brand campaigns across various media including experiential, broadcast and video, radio, OOH, print, photography, social media, and digital experiences. I’ve had a hand in all levels of work, from the down and dirty to the more glamorous.

With over five years of experience in both traditional and non-traditional advertising, my goal is always to bring ideas to life in smart, relevant, transformative, and sometimes insane, ways. For me, production is a creative endeavor, not just a checklist.  It’s understanding what’s at stake from all perspectives – client side, creative integrity, the bottom line, and making the end-product the raddest and most impactful it can be.

Brands I’ve worked with include Seattle Sounders FC, Blizzard Entertainment, Sparkling Ice, Darigold, Microsoft, Nordstrom Rack, Value Village, Pocket Gems, ACLU, Copper Mountain, Starbucks, Brooks, HomeStreet Bank, Forty Creek, Pike Place, PicMonkey and MoPop.

Check out my full resume here.

Location: Seattle

E-mail: mkpgiordano@gmail.com

Phone: 253.376.2189